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30” wheels

March 12th, 2007

The logical evolution of our national wheel fetish. And he’s from Florida.

Imagine this vehicle in any sort of evasive maneuver. Even at 10 mph, it would likely roll. I say it’s a rather intelligent use of $30k. $30,500 including the car. He could have at least used a Cadillac.

Imagine this scenario – you’re sitting around on a nice sunny day thinking of ways to spend $30k. You look online for a nice ‘03 BMW M3, or perhaps a late model Porsche Boxter S. Or a brand new MINI Cooper S, laden with almost every optional extra. Or perhaps after some rather overtly cerebral deliberation and soul searching, you come to the distinct realization that you’re really not much of an enthusiast and endavor to spend $20k on a new Accord, which would get you safely and reliably from A to B for perhaps 10 years or so – and pocket or invest the remaining $10k.

Then you reach the conclusion that all of these prior musings are completely without merit and you arrive at the most logical choice, which is to spend the $30k making your ‘85 caprice completely and utterly un-driveable.

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  1. March 13th, 2007 at 10:15 | #1

    *shake* Some people are just plain silly.  That’s all I gotta say to that noise.  I’ll stick with my truck, and some day perhaps when I have lots of money, a Viper or other nice sports car (honestly, I REALLY like the new solstice pontiac has)

  2. March 14th, 2007 at 17:19 | #2

    Hey man, just think of how much moolah you’re saving sticking with the truck. The Solstice/Sky’s are pretty cool though, especially the ones with turbos. They would all have car payments though and you would have to worry about where you’d park the thing to avoid door dings. I’m getting tired of car payments myself – I’m thinking of getting rid of the R and finding one of the later model Volvo 240 wagons to beat around Chicago. I wouldn’t care about things like door dings, and It would be fun to see how many miles I could put on it.

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