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Biking to Wrigley

May 9th, 2007


Camera phone image from tonight’s game

I biked to Wrigley tonight to watch the Cubs/Pirates game Tuesday evening. The Cubs have a very cool (and free) bike check service so I can leave my bike in a safe place, which beats returning to find a u-lock safely guarding a bike frame. The ride from my place to Wrigley is about 15 minutes – Chicago has quite a few streets with bike lanes, so getting there safely is pretty easy. It’s actually pretty fun biking to the game, and it would take me quite a bit longer to drive with all the traffic. On the bike I can fly by all the gridlocked cars, and exercise at the same time.

The game was a good one – Jason Marquis had a no-hitter into the sixth, and we won 1-0. If we could only play the Pirates and the Nationals for the rest of the season, we’d be ok.

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