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May 12th, 2007


Camera phone image from Sox/Royals

A few friends of mine are in the Chicago Bar Association choir (yes, the Chicago Bar has a choir) and they were singing the national anthem last night at US Cellular Field for a White Sox/Royals game – so I made the short trip down the Red Line to the southside with my pal Pete and his son Andre, and had a great time. We were in the upper deck, which at this ballpark is up there. A seat this high at Wrigley would be an impossibility, as I would have to climb up to the top of one of the light standards, then go another 30 feet or so on top of that. The Cell is much more of a stadium than a ballpark, but it was cool to be on the southside to see a game as the Cubs were out of town anyway. The Sox won 2-1, as the Royals are terrible. I did feel I was cheating a bit though – I’ll be back at Wrigley when the Cubs come home this week (against the Sox) to make up for it. 

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