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100 year old photo blog

May 13th, 2007

I love old photographs. Photos freeze time, and though they are still, they capture life. I discovered a cool photo blog recently (via Chicagoist), called Shorpy. It calls itself “the 100-year-old photo blog.”

There are quite a few older photos here – there are quite a few pics of people, and I quite like looking through them wondering what kind of life these people had. There are also great pics of buildings and cityscapes, and it’s especially cool to see the historic perspective these photos provide. You can search the photo blog using keywords (Chicago, New York, etc.) as well.

Here are a few – though they all deserve to be posted. For quite a few more click the Shorpy link above.


Easter morning outside church, Southside of Chicago. April 1941.

A wonderful photo of life on the southside. It would be cool to find out where these kids are now. I love the confidence in their faces – true Chicagoans. I especially love the look on the face of the kid on the right, who seems to say “what exactly are you looking at?”


Trucks unloading at the inbound freight house of the Illinois Central Railroad, South Water Street freight terminal, Chicago. April 1943.

A great shot of a very pre-glass and steel industrial Chicago, at a time when the Wrigley building (left) and the Tribune tower (right) dominated the city’s skyline – this rail/truck yard is now the site of quite a few residential and office towers. I took a photo looking south on this very spot just last week –


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