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The NFL in London

October 29th, 2007 1 comment

Al Michaels once commented during a Green Bay Packers away game (there were quite a few Packer fans in SF, Seattle, or wherever they were playing that week) that if there were to be a Redskins/Dallas game played on Mars, there would be Packer and Cub fans outside the venue in the hotel lobby. This photo, from the Giants/Fish game at Wembley Stadium in the London Borough of Brent this past weekend, confirms this.

This fan is also violating one of GQ magazines top 10 sports fashion fopaws, by wearing a jersey to a game in which his/her team is not playing. I personally think this fopaw is flawed, as the Packer fan is obviously there to cheer against the G men to give the Pack a better position in the overall NFC standings, in the hope of furthering our chances for home field advantage. Any little bit of energy helps.


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Hipster olympics

August 27th, 2007 No comments

This brilliant youtube video chronicles the 2007 hipster olympics. Set in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, but it would also fit quite nicely in Wicker Park.

One of the contestants heads to an ATM, and the announcer quite accurately says: “He’s got a nice head start over to the ATM, where he’s got to verify whether or not his parents check has cleared. And it has.”

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F1 says goodbye to the land of the left turn

July 12th, 2007 No comments

F1 leaves Indy – so the US is now without an F1 event. Maybe that’s a good thing though – I’d like to see a Monaco-esque road course set up here in Chicago. Imagine F1 cars screaming down Upper Wacker in one direction, then back down lower Wacker Dr. going back the other way. Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Ave. would make pretty cool straights, and it would give Mayor Daley a really good excuse to fix the really big potholes and expansion joints that my MINI doesn’t like very much.

A cab, driven very quickly by a middle eastern gentleman in a turban, would of course be the pace car.

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Crosstown Classic

May 18th, 2007 2 comments


A pic I took today at the Cubs/Sox series opener

The weather is getting really nice around here, and when that happens the ivy at Wrigley starts getting green. I biked over to Wrigley for the Cubs/Sox game today – the Cubbies won 6-3. It’s a rather insane rivalry, much more heated than the Cubs and the Cardinals, as it’s the northside vs. the southside. It has a bit of a Chelsea/Arsenal feel to it. Only two cities in the country can host a rivalry like this, and this is the only one that doesn’t require a trip to a different borough. There were quite a few drunk guys in the stands, and quite a few people using lots of colorful metaphors and coming very close to beating the hell out of each other. The Sox fans have their own version of “nice arch” – they just show the Cub fans the World Series patch on their sleeve. All we’ve got is Eamus Catuli, and AC036198.

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May 12th, 2007 No comments


Camera phone image from Sox/Royals

A few friends of mine are in the Chicago Bar Association choir (yes, the Chicago Bar has a choir) and they were singing the national anthem last night at US Cellular Field for a White Sox/Royals game – so I made the short trip down the Red Line to the southside with my pal Pete and his son Andre, and had a great time. We were in the upper deck, which at this ballpark is up there. A seat this high at Wrigley would be an impossibility, as I would have to climb up to the top of one of the light standards, then go another 30 feet or so on top of that. The Cell is much more of a stadium than a ballpark, but it was cool to be on the southside to see a game as the Cubs were out of town anyway. The Sox won 2-1, as the Royals are terrible. I did feel I was cheating a bit though – I’ll be back at Wrigley when the Cubs come home this week (against the Sox) to make up for it. 

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Biking to Wrigley

May 9th, 2007 No comments


Camera phone image from tonight’s game

I biked to Wrigley tonight to watch the Cubs/Pirates game Tuesday evening. The Cubs have a very cool (and free) bike check service so I can leave my bike in a safe place, which beats returning to find a u-lock safely guarding a bike frame. The ride from my place to Wrigley is about 15 minutes – Chicago has quite a few streets with bike lanes, so getting there safely is pretty easy. It’s actually pretty fun biking to the game, and it would take me quite a bit longer to drive with all the traffic. On the bike I can fly by all the gridlocked cars, and exercise at the same time.

The game was a good one – Jason Marquis had a no-hitter into the sixth, and we won 1-0. If we could only play the Pirates and the Nationals for the rest of the season, we’d be ok.

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Game 2 at Wrigley

April 10th, 2007 3 comments

The girls and I went over to Wrigley today to watch the second home game of the year. We were going to go yesterday for the home opener, but didn’t as there were snow flurries and pretty cold temps. Today was tolerable, at 47f or so. We’ll try it again tomorrow if the rain and snow stay away. We of course lost to the Astros. On the way to Wrigley the El train conductor, when making the announcement to the train packed with Cub fans that Addison was approaching said: “Addison is the next stop. Addison is the next stop. If you want to see your beloved Cubbies lose again, get off at Addison.” Damn Sox fan. Here are a few photos I took today –

The girls enjoying their first Wrigley hot dog of the year –


Then it got a bit cold in the 4th inning, and they took shelter –


The new advertising. At 1.3 million per sign X2, we can afford Soriano –


Derreck Lee about to strike out –


A great new Miller Lite sign –


The girls back home on our street sporting new Cubs shirts –


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New Wembley Stadium opens

March 23rd, 2007 6 comments

Two years late and $1.57 billion later, the new Wembley is open. How cool it would be though, to be there for the very possible Chelsea vs. Manchester United FA Cup final match on May 19th, along with 89,999 other fans? I heard an advert for British Airways the other day on XRT – they’re having a fare sale…