Grace is Gone

August 29th, 2007 3 comments

Cusack has come an awfully long way from the kid in the WLS t-shirt holding up the wall and wearing underwear on his head in Sixteen Candles.

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Hipster olympics

August 27th, 2007 No comments

This brilliant youtube video chronicles the 2007 hipster olympics. Set in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, but it would also fit quite nicely in Wicker Park.

One of the contestants heads to an ATM, and the announcer quite accurately says: “He’s got a nice head start over to the ATM, where he’s got to verify whether or not his parents check has cleared. And it has.”

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Dick in 1994

August 16th, 2007 1 comment

Dick was quite a bit more informed in 1994 apparently – in this 1994 interview, he actually makes a bit of sense. Brilliant.

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Top Gear coming to BBCA

August 14th, 2007 No comments

There are occasions when the stars align beautifully, and August 20th will be yet another example. Make certain your DVR’s have enough space, as Jeremy Clarkson, the incomparably english James May, and Richard Hammond will be viewable on american cable TV. No more hunting for BitTorrents (unless you want the full 1080p version) – the absolutely brilliant Top Gear will be a regular on BBC America. The shows irreverence knows no bounds, and even if you don’t care at all for cars, this is perhaps the funniest UK TV since Monty Python.

Full schedule here.

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Henry K. Rollins

August 4th, 2007 No comments

Former Black Flag front man Henry K. Rollins, has quite a bit to say. I nearly fell off my chair watching his animated diatribe on Walmart, as well as his letter to Ann Coulter. Be warned, Henry likes to use a few colorful metaphors.

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Breaking up with Due’s

July 30th, 2007 9 comments

I’ve been going to Pizzeria Due at the corner of Wabash and Ontario ever since I was a toddler. My parents took me to the original Uno’s and Uno’s down the street annex of Due’s as a kid, and I’ve been going there often since. When I was living away from Chicago, a trip back would have to include a visit to Due’s at 619 N. Wabash, for a sausage and garlic pie. I’ve brought countless friends to the place, touting it as the best example of Chicago’s deep dish pizza art form.

Sure, there are chain Uno’s (Due’s sister pizzeria) all over the country, but they use a chain recipe that might as well be from Pizza Hut. The crust is thick, but it’s wrought with preservatives and other very detectable partially or wholly hydrogenated ingredients that don’t even come close to the pie available at the two original downtown (ok, north of the river, so not technically downtown) locations. The pie at Uno’s and Due’s was a sure thing, unchanged for 40 years. There are certain things in life I could count on in Chicago. Fast driving middle-eastern cabbies, a great time at Wrigley Field no matter the score, a great view from the Hancock observatory on a clear night, and Pizza from Wabash and Ontario. Then something strange started to happen.

The pizza at Due’s has been extremely inconsistent for the past two years or so. I’ve heard new owners took over during that time, and the crust would on occasion be too thick, soggy, burned, or even undercooked. Everytime this sort of thing would occur, I’d always attribute it to an overtly crowded night, or perhaps the pizza chef was having a bad day. But it happened with more frequency, and what started out as counting on a good pie turned into hoping that I wouldn’t get a bad one. A perfect pie there was becoming a rarity, so I actually started cheating on my favorite pizzeria with a place over on Wells, called Lou Malnati’s. It was a bit like getting used to a new girlfriend – exciting but strange, as there were quite a few memories about the old Due’s that kept telling me to stop and go back. But the pies at Malnati’s are so consistently good, I’d go to Lou’s if I wanted pizza. The pie at Lou’s is deep dish but with a thin crust all the way around the pan (the way Due’s used to be before they screwed around with the recipe two years ago), and the crust stays crisp even if you get take out. They never burn it either.

Then last night, we met my cousin and her friend for dinner at Due’s. She got there first, and ordered a medium sausage, a medium spinach, and a small cheese for the kids (at Due’s you have to order when you go in, then wait for your table). We arrive with the kids, and sit down. The waitress comes to the table and says: “let me just make sure your order is correct – I have a medium sausage and spinach pizza, and a small cheese.” I tell her that can’t be right, there is a medium sausage and a medium spinach. She goes away and a manager returns, very apologetic. He says they’ve already put the correct order in, but it will take 40 minutes to bake the pie. They give us a free round of drinks, and come back 40 minutes later with three medium pizzas. One medium sausage, one medium cheese (not a small mind you) and a medium sausage and spinach, not plain spinach as requested. The medium cheese was a problem, as the girls like the small size as the slices are little.

So they royally screw up the order, then screw it up a second time. The pizza was horrible, the crust was slightly burned in places and too thick in others. The crust on the spinach pie was completely waterlogged. And then it finally happened. I then came to a very sad and seemingly permanent realization, that I have to officially break up with Due’s. It was very much like a breakup scene in a movie – all the memories came flashing through my head of all the people with whom I’ve come here to dine. I remember all the talks with the bartender Eddie, and all the hours outside waiting for a table. I fully admit there was cheating in the relationship, but there is always that moment when you actually leave that seems to be the most revealing. It was a very odd moment, one snapshot in time where I realized that something I’ve cherished and cared so much for my entire life is no longer for me.

So eating pizza in Chicago has become new again – trying quite a few places to find the perfect pie. Lou Malnati’s is definitely the front runner, Gino’s East a close second. I’ve even had some success with a place in my neighborhood called Piece, serving thin new haven style pie of all things. It’s very much like Shakespeare’s in Columbia, Mo., which carries with it a bit of nostalgia as well. I might go back to Due’s again to see Eddie and down a Goose Island 312 or two, but I’ll probably avoid the pizza.

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Olbermann’s brilliant rant

July 20th, 2007 1 comment

A brilliant 7 minute rant by Keith Olbermann, righfully chiding dubya and his administration for recently scapegoating Hillary for asking if a plan actually exists for evacuating troops from Iraq, as well as suggesting that w go to Iraq himself to finally fulfill his military obligation. Olbermann also brings up impeachment as well.

At least someone is publicly stating these views. Click on the pic to get to the video as well as a transcript.

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The Populist

July 19th, 2007 3 comments

A very good friend of mine operating under the name of Sammy Samhain, has just started a blog called The Populist. Many visitors to Kropp’s Page know of Sammy, for his insatiable love of ketchup as well as an equally unexplainable love for the Kansas City Chiefs. Now posting from NorCal, Sammy’s views are controversial and thought provoking, and Sammy has quite a bit to say about the state of our government and those affected by it. He’s a fair and balanced guy, so please peruse his site.

He’s also been granted guest author status on this blog, so he may turn up on occasion to post here. And the requisite disclaimer: while Sammy’s views don’t necessarily and completely reflect those of myself or the esteemed administrator of this and other blogs, they are pretty damn close smile.

Welcome Sammy to the blogosphere, and remember there is plenty of ketchup and beer in the fridge, and the gas bill has been paid.

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Duncan Hamilton wins the 1953 Le Mans, while completely drunk

July 15th, 2007 No comments

Most definitely, the best motor racing story ever told. A Brit, Duncan Hamilton, raced a 1953 Jaguar XK120C while being (in the perfect words of Top Gear presenter James May) “hog wimperingly bladdered.” During the race the car was filled with fuel, and Hamilton was filled with Brandy. Absolutely brilliant.

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The price of petrol

July 13th, 2007 5 comments


A camera phone image from a Mobil station after filling up my Saab yesterday. $65 to fill up a Saab. I don’t feel too terribly bad though, since we drive so infrequently that a tank of fuel in this car will last 2-3 months. I talked to a woman across the pump from me who was filling up a full size Lexus LX470 suv – she drives 60 miles a day, and pays $120 every 3-4 days to fill up. Ouch! Imagine a large suv in the UK, where fuel is around $8 a gallon.

It might be time for one of these.

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